Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013

Here is an interesting document about web design trends. The most important concept to remember is “responsive design”. This concept means that the page is designed to work on any platform, desktop, tablet or mobile, i.e., it’s “platform agnostic”.

Another interesting trend is the over-simplification of navigation structures. Pages look increasingly more like apps, encapsulating all the functionality in a single page. In fact, if it were not so, responsive design wouldn’t be enough: the contents could adapt to the format, but the navigation would be almost impossible on a smartphone. Therefore, the current development pattern privileges navigation structures that can function in the smallest platform possible. From that point forward, they are most likely to work in larger platforms such as tablets or desktops. An example of this pattern is to never have more than two navigation levels. Smartphone apps rarely have more than two depth levels. Otherwise, users would possibly get lost.

You can get this document as a free ebbok at: http://www.awwwards.com/web-design-and-mobile-trends-for-2013-ebook-download-it-for-free.html



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